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Thunder Tillman: Jaguar Mirror

20 Mar

Thunder and his personal shaman Pony are on a quest for the elusive Jaguar Mirror. Will their carefully orchestrated rituals unlock the ancient portal?

Directed, written and produced by Thunder Tillman / Bell & Light Pyramid – Emil Karlsson

Thunder Tillman: Alignments

13 Mar

Filmmaker Mario Hugo and designer Johnny Lee created this music video for Thunder Tillman.

Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation: Sunny Afternoon

12 Apr

Music video for the Swedish band Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation.

Moonbabies – 24

16 Aug

Official music video for Moonbabies created by MiRon from Ukraine.

Team Spirit music videos by HannesJohannes

18 Nov

Some pretty horrifying (not to mention NSFW) psychedelic adventures in this saga!

Trailer pt 1

Trailer pt 2

Fuck The Beach

Jesus, He’s Alright

MRDR It’s Ok

Teenage Love


Foster the People – Pseudologia Fantastica

11 Nov

A tale of greed and redemption from the Swedish duo HannesJohannes.

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