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Sculpture: Nearest Neighbour

8 Dec

Promo video for Sculpture’s tape/graphic novel release from 2018. Artwork by Reuben Sutherland.

Psychedelic Cyclic Sculpture by Lucy Devlin

24 Nov

Perhaps some kind of a four-dimensional being traveling through our plane.

Prefuse 73 – Still Pretending

1 Jul

Artist: Prefuse 73 Track: Still Pretending Album: Forsyth Gardens Director: Lilfuchs

Zebbler Encanti Experience – Syncorswim

15 Oct

Tomorrow Can Not Be Waited – Howie Lee

6 Aug

Experimental live performance weaving audio and visual elements together.

Live performance – Howie Lee & Teom Chen

First Contact – Benjamin Bardou

10 Apr

Next level experimental glitch editing here.

First Contact
Megalopolis MGLP#006
Directed by Benjamin Bardou

Thunder Tillman: Jaguar Mirror

20 Mar

Thunder and his personal shaman Pony are on a quest for the elusive Jaguar Mirror. Will their carefully orchestrated rituals unlock the ancient portal?

Directed, written and produced by Thunder Tillman / Bell & Light Pyramid – Emil Karlsson

Thunder Tillman: Alignments

13 Mar

Filmmaker Mario Hugo and designer Johnny Lee created this music video for Thunder Tillman.

Katie Gately – “Last Day”

26 Feb

Liquid Liquid – “Caravan”

29 Jan


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