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My Imaginary Friends [Vadim Epstein, 2019]

1 Aug

“Made with Celeb1024 model of ProGAN, briefly uptrained on the punk/goth/rave portraits (kind of transfer learning). Produced for the Rodchenko Art School (Moscow) students’ exhibition.”

Pretty Woman on Acid…

17 Jun

…that is what a friend who told me about this video called it. And it is pretty spot on. The video for Bear in Heaven’s “Sinful Nature” by director Yoonha Park is uncanny valley’s take on the slick fairytale drowned in a very synthetic high. Bam!

(My favourite part is the yellow Walkman pirouetting through the scene while that Julia Robots is stripping out of her top around 1:24)

[Thank you for the suggestion, Daniel!]

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