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Stylorella’s Wild Adventures

3 Apr

Elaborate commercial for Emily Daccarett, an LA based high end women’s brand.


Flight Through Spacey Design Elements

1 Jan

Hope everyone had an amazing and/or psychedelic 2017!

Here is a trippy experimental short film, taking you deep into time and space to help kick off your year of psychedelia

Heres to 2018, and hopefully, another great year


Tim Hawkins – The Archeologist

26 Apr

In the far-flung future a shaman discovers the remains of our long forgotten internet in which billions of lonely and deformed digital souls are trapped and enslaved by an all powerful cat-god.

Spiffy The Lonely Robot

27 Dec

Another short animation from Olivier Snijders, whose Bad Trip we featured a while ago.

MORPHA UTILA! Ambassador to the Machine Planet!

27 Sep

Directed by Lale Westvind.

Lale’s work previously featured: https://dailypsychedelicvideo.com/2015/04/14/lightning-bolt-the-metal-east/

Grizzly Bear – Knife

18 Jul

Контакт / Contact (1978)

16 Jun

Soviet-era scifi animation by Vladimir Tarasov. Apparently acid found its way to the Soviet Union as well.

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