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Queen of vivid hair

14 Jan

The queen of vivid hair is here.

Laura Mvula – Phenomenal Woman (Official Video)

31 Oct

Check out the style on this one. Phenomenal indeed.

Ch8se – Saving the planet with fashion

12 Mar

Many of us want to change the world, but don’t know where to begin. Even worse, in the capitalistic system in which we live almost every act of consumption is toxic by nature and is being used to fuel the brutal destruction of the planet and its resources, so we are constantly destroying the very foundation for the lives of our families, friends and ourselves. Is there any other way? But then, sometimes you encounter an idea that really manages to challenge how we think about consumerism and supply an alternative. Ch8se is such an idea. Based on the notion that fashion brands spend the vast majority of their money not on employees, materials or social and environmental justice but on expensive and often inane advertising campaigns, (the money spend on one single page ad in a top fashion magazine could plant 1.5 million trees or feed 2,000 kids for a year!!!) it asks – what if we took all that money that we as consumers indirectly give for such wasteful commercial campaigns and gave it to a brand which is based on social and ecological values – so that our spending money is no longer directed to toxic consumerism destroying the planet but to making it healthier by planting trees, funding education to third world children etc – all while getting first grade fashion items which not only looks great but also feels good to wear. The Ch8se campaign which is currently featured on the crowdfunding website Indiegogo is just one of those initiatives that really spark your imagination. Check out their video, and consider supporting the cause in any way possible.


1970s psychedelic Bundesliga fashion

4 Jan

In 1970 German fashion designers were worried that Bundesliga players were not colorful enough to meet the demands of the psychedelic era so they redesigned the soccer players uniform in a form that would suit the times. This is the result. The TV presenter even speaks about how we must all seek “to make this colorful world more colorful”. Ah! These were the times 🙂

“Fluid Silhouettes” by Arca x Jesse Kanda

22 Nov


5 Jun

Beyoncé – Flawless (Remix) ft. Nicki Minaj

6 Apr

Some seriously psychedelic leotards in this video by Beyonce and Nicki Minaj.

(Link: Shani. Thanks!)

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