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HALO MAUD – Baptism

24 May

Some really unique and synchronized dances

Sampa The Great/ Energy

18 May

The Chemical Brothers – Got To Keep On

2 Mar

The Chemical Brothers – Got To Keep On


6 Feb

Created by New Media Ltd for PHELAN, a women’s clothing label.

Stylorella’s Wild Adventures

3 Apr

Elaborate commercial for Emily Daccarett, an LA based high end women’s brand.

Strellson “Make yourself unstoppable” DC

2 Mar

Written and directed by Wolf & Lamm

Well done, hilarious video.

Dan Deacon – Feel The Lightning (Official Video)

9 Feb

You may have seen Dan Deacon featured on adult swim before. The even aired an off the air episode he made. He still plays live sets from time to time. Here is his music video ‘Feel the Lightning’

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