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Relaxing Old Footage With Joe Pera

16 Dec

This is a great video for falling asleep after a busy night.

death’s dynamic shroud.wmv – 너 땜에 맘이 맘이 맘이 맘이 괴로워요

11 Nov

An absolute slapper of a vaporwave music video. Top notch lofi right here!


7 Nov

Kutiman – Fresh Haze (Official Video)

29 Oct

Calvin Cardioid – Lullaby For A Nameless Creature

28 Oct

Such a chill little video, I’m surprised it’s not more popular. Maybe I just love a good lullaby

ODESZA – Light Of Day (feat. Ólafur Arnalds) – Official Video

1 Oct

The Smile – The Same

6 Aug
23 Jul

The hilarious mushroom-hype song by Mind Medicine Australia that became an instant classic while generating massive amount of criticism for its cheesy reckless portrayal of psychedelic healing.

3:45 PM

22 Jul

A reminder to slow down and enjoy the ride 🙂

UFDD: Rainbow Clash – Believe Me, It All Has a Meaning

18 Jul
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