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BBBlaster Visuals 2 – compilation 2013 – 2015

1 Mar

Showcase of visuals from the French BBBlaster team. If you like their stuff, check out this post from 2013:

Bleep Bloop: Feel the Cosmos

28 Feb

Directed by Evert van der Veen.

“What if the Yellow Guy had a dream???”- Peter Millard

24 Feb

Animator Peter Millard peeks inside the bizarre interior landscape of Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared’sDon’t Hug Me I’m Scared’s, Yellow Guy.

Commodo feat. Rocks FOE – Set It Straight

22 Feb

Music video by BBBlaster.

Evert van der Veen: Sonic Fauna

21 Feb

Sound-manifesting curious creatures.

Caravan Palace – “Wonderland”

20 Feb

“Wonderland” by Caravan Palace off there album “<|°_°|>” AKA “Robot Face”

Caravan Palace specializes in the genre of “Electro Swing” which in my opinion is a very interesting and amazing sound they produce.

Theres only enough electro swing artists to fit on both of my hands but Caravan Palace is by far the best. If you want to go explore more of this genre and/or music then Caravan Palace’s “PANIC!’ album is where to start your journey my friend.

“Play Like a Driver”-Manabu Himeda

17 Feb


This animation makes me so happy! The freedom! The silliness! The handmade textures!

Japanese artist Manabu Himeda created the song and animation. So good!

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