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“Pigs” by Black Dice

Trippy punkzine-like cut ups by Brooklyn noise group Black Dice.

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You Have a Radical Face

There is something in common between looking at abstract art and the psychedelic experience: they both present to you a phenomena that can not be articulated. a beauty that can not be named, an image unmediated by culture. Abstract art at it’s best may depict not more nor less than what Aldous Huxley referred to as “Suchness”

Psychedelic Music Clips, Pyschedelic Visualisations

White Noise, White Light – Is Noise to the Ears what Light is to the Eyes?

There is something genuinely psychedelic about pure meaningless noise, what do you think? I assume it is about expanding the moment of not lacking anything, not missing any inexplicable significant “other” (to depend meaning on), the moment that is not determined by something else beyond itself. When everything is given, joy is not defined by what is missing, not limited by it’s opposit. So the research for the beauty of noise might be related to the persuit of limitless joy.

Pure and limitless presence, wouldn’t that just be the end of it all?

On the other hand, aren’t interruptions in the limitless process of signification possible?

In this interview John Cage cites Kant for saying that there are two things that don’t have to mean anything: music and laughter. Then he starts laughing…

…and then he explains a little more what he is talking about. Enjoy!