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4 Aug

Created for Positive Economy Forum’s 2015 event by Peter Clark, Conor Grebel, Chase & Austin Hochstatter. Music by Enternull.

Off the Air: Trash (S09E02)

28 Sep

Aired in 2019.

List of videos in this episode:

Quentin and His Birdbox Orchestra by Sean Reynard
Garbage Rave by Yilmaz Sen
Opening titles by Thomas Deininger
Trash dumping footage provided by iStock (uncredited)
Extrapolate by Johan Rijpma
Bambi by Joseph Melhuish
Global Warming by Koba K24
Garbage truck image provided by iStock (uncredited)
Pretty by Mary Dauterman
The End Is Equal by Shively Humperdink
Open Ocean by Nate Milton
#DISRUPT by Matt Reynolds
Plastic Dreams by Bureau Klaus Alman


28 Mar


A harsh, glitchy, low-poly mash-up about an infected digital bird  glimpsing a coalescing future of nightmare scenarios for our species and environment.

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