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Frank Zappa – Muffin Man (neural style by Lulu xXX)

25 Feb

Lulu xXX is doing some fantastic work on the forefront of AI video processing, aka “deep dream”. Plenty more eye & brain candy here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxj0Q6F6gDplQbSEjtFhrBw

200 Motels

4 Oct

Frank Zappa’s 1971 feature film (93 minutes, directed with Tony Palmer) is not for the week at heart: it’s super intensive, slapstick psychedelia with a hardly noticeable plot line to follow – something about a band on an endless crazy tour. Zappa fans love it, to judge from imdb message boards, while the rest render it “unwatchable”; still no one claims to understand it.

200 motels features The Mothers Of Invention (Zappa himself plays a side role as a musician in the band), animation by Charles Swenson, Kieth Moon in drag as a Nun, and Ringo Star as Larry The Dwarf, who pretends to be Frank Zappa.

The Amazing Mr. Bickford – Frank Zappa

4 May

This amazing claymation made by clay animation arist Bruce Bickford, to the sounds of Frank Zappa, never ceases to evolve, creating a world of continuous movement and change. Just like ours…

(Link: Ran Rishon. Thanks!)

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