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Urbanity – DontLookBackonline

11 Mar

“The idea behind this song is to leave the past behind. As negativity is in the past, look forward. Feel the positive vibe of “Don’t look back” it is an anti-depressant song, it should put a smile on your face.”


Frank Zappa – Muffin Man (neural style by Lulu xXX)

25 Feb

Lulu xXX is doing some fantastic work on the forefront of AI video processing, aka “deep dream”. Plenty more eye & brain candy here:

Circles Around The Sun – One For Chuck

17 Nov

Super-awesome video to a super-awesome track!

Pridjevi – Ako je (Official Video)

19 Jul

John Hickman – Cascade – official animated music video

23 Jun

Spectacular psychedelic video to a song by John Hickman.

Tal National – Akokas

9 Apr

High energy rock & roll from Niger.  The band just completed an amazing run of shows in the USA and will tour Europe this summer.  Highly recommended, a psychedelic experience unto itself.  ( Full disclosure: video by me, FlxYrLvMscls! ❤ )

GUM – “The Blue Marble”

12 Mar

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