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23 Dec

After failing to locate the legendary Stanley Kubrick, an unstable CIA agent (Ron Perlman) must instead team up with a seedy rock band manager (Rupert Grint) to develop the biggest con of all time-staging the moon landing.

Director: Antoine Bardou-Jacquet
Writer: Dean Craig


24 Aug

This is a superedit of hyperspace sequences from films. It includes clips from 2001 (of course), Altered States, The Black Hole, and Life on Earth, among others.

Infinitude – Diamond Realm Buddhas

9 May
[vimeo http://vimeo.com/19661424]

Diamond Realm Buddha has a beautiful Vimeo channel with a variety of spiritually disposed clips.  He specializes in making beautiful spiritual assemblages made from a number of different movies. This particular one is cut out of pieces out of  “Contact”, “The Fountain”and “2001”, and with an audio track by Millionyoung.

2001: A Space Odyssey

4 Jul

This is just another classic of psychedelic visualization. And a gorgeous one it is!

The sequence within the movie is far too long to be reduced to a mere sign or reference to the psychedelic counter culture of the time (’68). It ripps right through the fabric of a reality of symbolic economies by showing itself immune to any reduction of meaning; it has to be watched.
After this sequence an orgy of symbolism takes place (in a baroque “life as dream” setting). But for the time of the flow of images even the anticipated junky for meaning will enjoy the spiritual peace of tripping.

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