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Earth – Dream Koala (2015)

27 Jun


Streak past the ISS riding Aurora Australis and re-enter the anthropocene to these excellent Sci-Fi themed space and earth visuals, with some fractal and generative art to sooth us weary travelers from the outer limits.
[Mission Report:] Space-Koalas sighted near Hibernia-Major…

“Wait” by M83

7 Sep

2001: A Space Odyssey

4 Jul

This is just another classic of psychedelic visualization. And a gorgeous one it is!

The sequence within the movie is far too long to be reduced to a mere sign or reference to the psychedelic counter culture of the time (’68). It ripps right through the fabric of a reality of symbolic economies by showing itself immune to any reduction of meaning; it has to be watched.
After this sequence an orgy of symbolism takes place (in a baroque “life as dream” setting). But for the time of the flow of images even the anticipated junky for meaning will enjoy the spiritual peace of tripping.

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