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David Gilmour – “The Girl In The Yellow Dress”

13 Feb

Heres a lovely¬†psychedelic video to get you in the mood and ready for valentines day tomorrow and ready for your “Girl In The Yellow Dress”.

Golem Jam #3- ScroobJam

29 Apr

Yeah!!! What??? Oh Yeah….Scooby Snacks all around baby.

Nicola Cruz – Colibria

17 Feb

thanks to my Lov’Ali for sharing this !

Tropical Bleyage – Mala

10 Feb

This is the official video for the track ‘Tropical Bleyage – Mala’,
taken from the ‘Mala’ EP by Tropical Bleyage, a prelude to their second full album coming in 2015.

Tropical Bleyage: https://www.facebook.com/tropicalbleyage


23 Dec

After failing to locate the legendary Stanley Kubrick, an unstable CIA agent (Ron Perlman) must instead team up with a seedy rock band manager (Rupert Grint) to develop the biggest con of all time-staging the moon landing.

Director: Antoine Bardou-Jacquet
Writer: Dean Craig


18 Nov

Why don’t humans have patterned texture like animals?

Humans will be able to get it.

Direction: Kouhei Nakama (kouheinakama.com/)

Music: “Highway to the Stars” by Kai Engel (kai-engel.com/)


11 Nov

A short film journeying into a microcosm of darkness and fluorescence.

Created with ferrofluid, UV lights, fluorescent watercolours, paints, inks and oils. With the presence of a magnetic field, ferrofluid and kaleidoscopic substances form mesmerising and surreal patterns. Using a HFR camera and macro lens, I captured these visuals before they vanished back into darkness.

Sony FS700
100mm macro lens
Inspired by Susi Sie, Fabian Oefner and Nils Frahm

A film by Karl Fenton

Music: Nils Frahm – More

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