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10 Dec

A psilocybin-solidification process translated artistically by Bastian Brandstötter.

Shrooms in Nature

1 Nov

For all you winter hibernators, Here is something to remind you of the beauty of springtime during the long cold months ahead. This is from the MySpace page of video artist Mike Celona, that is well worth checking out.

Tripping with friends

18 Sep

“The camera won’t catch it” I told J. when we went on our last mushroom trip, overlooking the city from a near mountain. he said that whatever the camera can catch will be enough. It’s true, some home videos depicting people in trips can make one almost share their state of conciseness. maybe it’s because of the DIY feel, a slice of life that is less flamboyant but can be more convincing than any computer generated psychedelic visualization. So call some friends, film yourselves from the other side, just add a cheap effect and dreamy sound and spread your experience to millions of youtube viewers!

Altered states – Ken Russel 1980

28 Jul

The hero, an Californian anthropologist study the intake of mushroom during a Shamanic ceremony…

Jack Black’s mushroom trip

7 Jun

Jack Black picks some magic mushrooms in a forest and goes into a wild trip. From “Pick of Destiny”.

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