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Nadja – Necroausterity

11 Sep

Mastodon – More Than I Could Chew

31 Jul

High On Fire: The Black Plot (uncensored)

4 Jul

High On Fire previously on DPV: https://dailypsychedelicvideo.com/2014/03/18/high-on-fire-fertile-green/

Secret Music – Ghost in the Graveyard

27 Jun

Maximum the Hormone

11 Apr

Very nearly missed this one in my search for psychedelic videos, as I can’t say I’ve immersed myself in a whole lot of metal, and things don’t start to get visually psychedelic until around 1:43. Skip ahead if you like, though I think the video’s progression is made so much sweeter by taking it in the whole way through.

A bit of explanation for the super catchy line at the finish: Winny is apparently p2p software that was once quite popular in Japan, but isn’t really used so much anymore. Comparable to Napster.

Black Sabbath / Iron Man

20 Mar

This metal music clip has some hints of psychedelics background stuff !

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