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Karmalloween 2016 VJ Aftermovie by Lokomotion Drop

31 Oct

VJ visual showcase from a party in France.

VJ Asterix: Behind Closed Eyes

11 Oct

Effect built using blur, edge detection and feedback tops in TouchDesigner.

“Timber” by Coldcut & Hexstatic

13 Sep

Also check out Natural Rhythm here on dpv. Both are part of the Natural Rhythm Trilogy.

Hibou Blaster: A Very Unusual Map

17 Dec

Tribal chilling from France.

Space VJ Meeting 2012

29 Aug

I’d love to be in one of those VJs festivals. I believe in the future we will see more collabaration work being done between DJ’s and VJ’s to create a more synchronized show. This is a video from the VJ meeting that took place in Poland in March 2012

Sexy // by Vj Colin Cat

2 Jan

Neon Quartz

4 May

This video reminds me of those early 90’s virtual-reality headsets they promised us would be everywhere by now. I recently came across this one, but I’m still hoping for something more like this.

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