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Steve Haman Animations

27 Mar

Steve Haman has been releasing some amazing new promo animations as well as some 30 min meditation mixes (you can find on Incedegris’ youtube page) that are perfect visuals for any kind of music or meditation!


Karmalloween 2016 VJ Aftermovie by Lokomotion Drop

31 Oct

VJ visual showcase from a party in France.

VJ Asterix: Behind Closed Eyes

11 Oct

Effect built using blur, edge detection and feedback tops in TouchDesigner.

“Timber” by Coldcut & Hexstatic

13 Sep

Also check out Natural Rhythm here on dpv. Both are part of the Natural Rhythm Trilogy.

Hibou Blaster: A Very Unusual Map

17 Dec

Tribal chilling from France.

Space VJ Meeting 2012

29 Aug

I’d love to be in one of those VJs festivals. I believe in the future we will see more collabaration work being done between DJ’s and VJ’s to create a more synchronized show. This is a video from the VJ meeting that took place in Poland in March 2012

Sexy // by Vj Colin Cat

2 Jan

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