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Lawnmower Man CGI

18 Dec

Shonen Knife – Riding On The Rocket

9 Oct

My Bloody Valentine – Swallow

4 Jul

I, your friendly DPV Monday-poster for the past 2 years, owned a VHS tape of Creation Records bands waaayyyyy back in the 90s and it included this video. It is very cool to find myself sharing this video, this many years later, with people who may not know a THING about this band. That’s all. Happy Shoegaze Day from Flex Your Love Muscles and the DPV.

Scatmans World (Official Video) HD -Scatman John

4 Dec

Clock DVA – Technogeist (Kinetic Engineering)

10 Oct

Haruomi Hosono – Laughter Meditation

15 Aug

Godflesh – Slavestate

25 Jul

Planet Dob

18 Apr

UNREST – Cath Carroll

29 Nov
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