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Meredith Monk – Excerpt from 16 Millimeter Errings

26 Apr

“Olodumare” by Daniel Olabode

15 Jun

A short avant-garde piece about a woman trying to understand her mind. Made at Hertfordshire University.


21 Apr

KOKOFREAKBEAN described his creative process: “I put things where the voices tell me to put them and I don’t ask no questions.”.

We have featured FREE DILDA from him before.

Jeff Keen’s collage animations

3 Feb

Instant Cinema (1962/audio from 2007)

Cineblatz (1967)

Irresistible Attack (1995)

They are a tidal wave of delight.

Zbigniew Rybczyński – The Fourth Dimension (1988)

8 Oct

Old skool video trickery from the Polish master. Zbig is producing films again after a long period of working as a professor of cinematography and doing research into compositing technology.

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