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Songwich by Julian Glander

26 Feb

Just a teenage witch and her cat working on some tunes. Made by Julian for Disney’s Microcontent program.

Tim Hawkins – The Archeologist

26 Apr

In the far-flung future a shaman discovers the remains of our long forgotten internet in which billions of lonely and deformed digital souls are trapped and enslaved by an all powerful cat-god.

Borgore & Sikdope – “Space Kitten Invasion”

16 Jan

“Space Kitten Invasion” by Borgore & Sikdope from the “Buygore Album”

Such an stupidly amazing concept for a song and such an amazingly stupid music video.

I love it


26 Feb

Deliberately using other species, mostly plants, to change one’s conciseness is a cross cultural phenomena, that is well known. But it’s easy to forget that other species show similar behavior…

Not exactly a psychedelic video, but it made me go “purrrr”




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