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“Sova” by Anna von Hausswolff

20 Nov


“Rising Below” by Dirty Three

21 Jun

“Here Comes the King” by Snoop Lion

23 Jun

The video for Snoop Lion’s “Here comes the King” delivers sweet retro pixeldelia.

[thank you,  Dimi, for providing the link!]

“Fallout” by Neon Indian

2 Jun

For Neon Indian’s  “Fallout” director Lilfuchs has put some 80’s ingredients into  the psychedelic blender that pop culture has become in the 2010’s.

Yeasayer Fragrent World Clips

26 May

It seems each track from Yeasayer’s 2012 Album Fragrant World got a psychedelic video in a similar style (reminding me of those days when we stared at the screen saver until the early hours of the morning). Here are two of them hand-picked for your sunday afternoon leisure. Enjoy!

“Beautiful Dub” by Peaking Lights

19 May

Beautiful psychedelic surf images for the remix of “Beautiful Son” from Peaking Lights’ album Lucifer.

Shout Out Louds

10 Feb

For their forthcoming album “Optica” the swedish band Shout Out Louds has released several videos all drenched in psychedelic glory.


[Many thanks to Karo, again!]

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