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Lusine – Not Alone (feat. Jenn Champion)

10 Mar

Codigo407 – Despacio

24 Oct

Fire-Toolz – Thick_flowy_glowy_sparkly_stingy_pain.mpeg

22 Nov

Still more inspired work from the mind of Angel Marcloid.

Zebbler Encanti Experience – Syncorswim

15 Oct

Monkey Bread Baby – JeffreyJoestar✰ video by Jesse Bond

27 Sep

God Knox – Kokofreakbean

28 May

A favorite here at the DPV, the one and only Kokofreakbean.  It’s been a little while since we have seen anything new from this master of fast-cut, brain meltingly glitchy and surreal visual onslaughts, but you may be sure that more is on the way.


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