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Péter Vácz: Parabola / Satellite Dish

29 Sep

Based on a Hungarian children’s poem by János Lackfi, preformed by Pista Busa

De profundis (2002)

9 Jun

By Dóra Keresztes.
The film, in her own description “grows from a microscopic cell division into a living, surging image-stream of incessant transformation. Sheer intuition, embracing emotion and the significance of interpreting dreams pulsate within it. The emblem-like symbols, mythical symbols of animals and man, reminiscent of the archaic figures of people of nature, appear in an all-embracing organic frame, perpetually taking shape, arousing the notion of cave-aperture or the womb”.

Sós lötty / Salted Soup (1969)

26 May

By Péter Szoboszlay.

Mélyvíz (Marcell Jankovics, 1970)

27 Jan

From the guy that brought you Fehérlófia, a really nice morphy short. A bit dark, but masterful control of motion.

Az Út – The Way (Iván Kiss, 2000)

13 Jan

This one goes way back.

Dóra Keresztes: Mosolygó szomorúfűz / Smiling Sad Willow Tree (2001)

2 Jul

East European folk art vibes.

Sándor Reisenbüchler: Zöld intelmek minden napra / Green warnings for every day (1993)

18 Jun

The ending brings to mind Michael Jackson’s “Earth Song” (1995).
Co-directors: István Orosz, Dóra Keresztes, Zsuzsanna Bulyáki, Mihály Sikur.

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