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Boards of Canada – Tomorrow’s Harvest – The Movie

26 Sep

“Compiling fan-made/official videos and visions on “Tomorrow’s Harvest” album by Boards of Canada.”

Out of the Abyss by Jonathan Monaghan

20 Aug

This is an excerpt, not the full work.

Out of the Abyss combines imagery from modern consumerism with symbols and narratives associated with the Apocalypse. Visually extravagant, the work re-imagines elements such as the seven-eyed lamb and the four horsemen as terrifying beasts of the present day, adorned with security cameras, riot gear, and consumer electronics. The work suggests an unsustainable and fraught relationship between technology and materialism, and the natural world.

ORA Prophecy

7 Mar

Please accept the download of this new age message.

De profundis (2002)

9 Jun

By Dóra Keresztes.
The film, in her own description “grows from a microscopic cell division into a living, surging image-stream of incessant transformation. Sheer intuition, embracing emotion and the significance of interpreting dreams pulsate within it. The emblem-like symbols, mythical symbols of animals and man, reminiscent of the archaic figures of people of nature, appear in an all-embracing organic frame, perpetually taking shape, arousing the notion of cave-aperture or the womb”.

Stuck In The Sound – Brother

29 Jan

The Great Old Ones are upon us.

Boldog világvége / Merry Apocalypse (1999)

16 Aug

Come on everybody, let’s have a merry apocalypse! And what would an apocalypse be without our dear friends the mushroom-planting UFOs?

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