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The Babe Rainbow – “Secret Enchanted Broccoli Forest”


Psychedelic electronic music, Psychedelic Pop

“Venus Fly” by Grimes & Janelle Monáe

“Venus Fly” by Grimes (who also directed the video) and Janelle Monáe brings us plenty of over the top psychedelia: the air is dense with feathers, bubbles, petals and white digital artifacts, there is always something bursting in slow motion and stuff that does not get smashed is on fire. Beyond that we also get popular kalaidoscope effects, neon and black contrasts and lots of trippy fashion. Have fun!


Psychedelic Fashion

Psychedelic Space Age Fashion

Some psychedelic space age fashion from 60’s designers such as Pierre Cardin, Andre Courreges and Paco Rabbane. Mixed with some early electronic music from Mort Garson. These outfits could prove superb for any psychedelic experience.