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Abbi and Ilana’s Mushroom Trip | Broad City

1 Apr

Mr. Madila (dir. Rory WT)

7 May


Mr Madila from Rory WT on Vimeo.

Delightful short film of an animation student’s process of seeking out help from a “spiritual healer” he found advertised on a flier. The story that unfolds is a hilarious examination of the often-blurry line between hucksterism and sincerity that one finds in today’s “urban shaman” and “healer for hire” environment.

Talking Heads – “Road To Nowhere”

19 Feb

American new wave band, Talking Heads, brings a light-hearted¬†humor-filled 80’s video about (according to the writer¬†David Byme) is a song that “presented a resigned, even joyful look at doom,”

Can’t help but feel slightly more at ease and content with everything, every time I listen/watch this song

Charlie’s psychedelic trip

2 May

Charlie the unicorn is having one hell of a trip. Is he the banana king?

(Link: Ori Ben Ezra)

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