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Jeff Beam – Now (Psychedelic Version)

28 Jul

The alternate psychedelic version of a promotional video for “NOW”, the first single from Jeff Beam’s 2012 psychedelic album “BE YOUR OWN MIRROR”.

And here’s another one from Jeff Beam.  Dreamy and beautiful.

Magic Sound Fabric “The World is an Illusion”

23 Jul

A groovy audio-visual treatment for an old but still valid philosophical point.

Official music video directed by Cameron Limbrick.

Quel Beau Monde (What A Wonderful World)

7 Jul

Fractal animation mixed with photographic images, mixed with Louis Armstrong make something… Weird and psychedelic…

Happy psychedelic 4th of Juli – 200 by Vince Collins

2 Jul

Here’s a little something from Vince Collins for the American Independence day, the day after tomorrow.

Bonobo – ‘Eyesdown’ (Machinedrum Remix)

25 Jun

Another awesome animation from Anthony Schepperd.

(Link: Nigel Kent. Thanks!)

Psychedelic Sesame Street Numbers

23 Jun

Sesame Street Numbers go psychedelic once again


13 Jun

Gandahar (René Laloux), is a French animated science fiction and fantasy film released in 1988 in the U.S. It is based on Jean-Pierre Andrevon’s novel Les Hommes-machines contre Gandahar (The Machine-Men versus Gandahar).

The peaceful people of Gandahar are suddenly attacked by an army of automatons known as the Men of Metal, who march through the villages and petrify their victims with lasers. The resulting statues are then collected and transferred to their base. At the capital city of Jasper, the Council of Women orders Sylvain to investigate. On his journey, he encounters the Deformed, a race of mutant beings who were accidentally created via genetic experimentation by Gandahar’s scientists. Despite their resentment, they are also threatened by the Men of Metal and offer to help Sylvain.

A European DVD release of Gandahar, in French with English subtitles, was released in October 2007[2] by Eureka!’s Masters of Cinema label.

Midnight Lights – Stadiums Dubstep

4 Jun

Dubstep lightshows are becoming quite the thing lately. Here’s another one, done at a colossal stadium.

(Link: Jimmy Diebold. Thanks!)

Perpetual Ocean by NASA

2 Jun

NASA provides us with a psychedelic view of the oceans.

Turkish Coffee – Arik Einstein clip by Dudu Geva

28 May

Dudu Geva was one of Israel’s foremost comics artists. His style was chaotic, radical and very psychedelic. Geva created this video to Arik Einstein’s song “Turkish Coffee” in 1974. It is the first Israeli music video, and has a strong 1970’s psychedelic style. The actor in the clip is Geva himself, incidentally.

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