Baby Cool – Magic

22 Jan


20 Jan

I really like the editing and imagery choices! Directed by : Douze

Georgey V: Daydreamer

19 Jan

Music video created by Steph Hope.

Последний бой (the last fight)

18 Jan
A colored, drawn cartoon based on the story of the same name by A. Kravchenko. A cruel war is going on, the fat general is triumphant: victory is near! Suddenly, his troops run back, and he sees a gigantic, huge insect crawling out from behind the horizon, into the whole sky. It turns out that he dreamed of cockroaches overcoming him in real life. And he, a well-deserved infantry general, is not needed by anyone, since the branch of his troops is outdated. And he decided to find a new radical means to fight again in reality, and not in a dream. In a mysterious laboratory, the general took out a remote control device for cockroaches, and led huge hordes of foot insects into battle. And nearby lived the rest of the aviation general …

Tales from the Trip S01E75: JXDN Took 8 to 10 Grams of Shrooms His First Time and Married Music

17 Jan

An interesting way to describe the experience of fusing with music.

Fire-Toolz – I Am A Cloud (video by Jesse Bond)

16 Jan

If you’ve not kept up with Angel Marcloid / Fire-Toolz in recent years, you should catch up!

LoveLeo – TUNG TIED (feat. Rico Nasty)

15 Jan

“The Alchemist”s Letter” – by Pixel Veil Productions | TheCGBros

13 Jan
This video may have flown under the radar. I’ve only seen it in a few mixes, but oh my, does it hit hard :’)

Vels Trio: 40 Point (feat. Shabaka Hutchings)

12 Jan

Music video created by Steph Hope.


11 Jan
By Vince Collins
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