Röyksopp – Profound Mysteries | Continuous Visual Experience

23 Sep

This is a cool A/V album Röyksopp dropped recently. Video directed by Jonathan Zawada

Chris P. Thompson: Professor H

22 Sep

Music video created by Amanda Bonaiuto.

Preludes in Magical Times

21 Sep

Sara Petty, 1987.

Belly – Flowers (directed by Avteur)

19 Sep

Björk – Ovule

18 Sep

Tomcoben tripping in a bathroom (tik tok)

17 Sep

Hyper-trippy video of what happens when you take 800 mics in the bathroom.

Reggie Watts disorients you in the most entertaining way

16 Sep

Reggie Watts is a gem, go check out more of his stuff!

ANIMA!: Toughest Man

15 Sep

Music video created by Amanda Bonaiuto.

Time Tripper

14 Sep

read: https://www.skwigly.co.uk/100-greatest-animated-shorts-wizard-speed-time-mike-jittlov/

Tales from the Trip S01E66: Scumbag Dad Partied with Lil Jon and Melissa Ong on Shrooms

13 Sep

TikTok comedian has a rather wholesome trip in Las Vegas.

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