POLO & PAN — Ani Kuni

13 May

‘Ani Kuni is a playful dance track for children big and small. It’s a tribute to our favorite childhood lullaby, a timeless Native-American hymn that has touched generation after generation, all around the world.’

It’s all in the mind

11 May

By Eva & Franco Mattes

Electro Group: Undone

10 May

Music video for the band Electro Group.

James Blake – Can’t Believe The Way We Flow (dir: Frank Lebon)

9 May

Liquid Rorschach Test

7 May

Opiuo and Clozee – Red Rocks Mix 2020

6 May

There are tons of cool microdose VR mixes on youtube at the moment!

Self Service Brain Wash

4 May

By Nimrod “The Dod” Kerrett

Build instructions: is.gd/selfservicebrainwash

Tales from the Trip S01E57: Hamilton Morris Made His Own “Pharmahuasca” and Spoke in Tongues

3 May

Trip story from Hamilton’s college days.

Irrevocable Joy (video by noartfound)

2 May

music: hybrid – Flashpoint Tutara Remix

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Commercials

1 May
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