Synesthetic forest walk (Psychedelic replication)

15 Jul


14 Jul

Tales from the Trip S01E36: Juice (of Flatbush Zombies) Tripped Balls on Acid in Central Park

13 Jul

This trip story includes a placebo experiment.

Ofir Klemperer- מכה מהדמיון Maka MehaDimyon (A Strike From Imagination)

12 Jul

Another Ofir Klemperer vid from Flex Your Love Muscles studio!

The Go! Team – Pow

11 Jul

Cherry Blossom (Official Music Video) Benji Robot

9 Jul

LSD/Acid Visual Simulation in a Walk Through Nature

8 Jul

Avar (past)

7 Jul

An experiment in creating 7 minute long original poetry and video mashup for a live performance, using only automatic tools for both text and video (and not telling the audience).

Leslie Supnet: Second Sun (2014)

6 Jul

Short animation by Canadian experimental filmmaker Leslie Supnet. You can view the film First Sun and other works on her website.

Morph vs. RAZ – Concerto de Piano (animations by Planeto)

5 Jul
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