Waxflatter – Level Crossing

12 Sep

Directed and produced by Geoffrey Lillemon and Minivegas. Sound by Fabrizio Greco.


Between Music – “Bones of Bruised Houses”

11 Sep

Between Music, producer and creators of many stunning music pieces, including up and coming underwater band, AQUASONIC

“Cold Fear” by Moon Duo

10 Sep

This is the first part of a suite of videos Micah Buzan animated for San Francisco’s Moon Duo (you can watch the second part here).

LEON – ‘2033’

9 Sep

A kaleidoscopic and highly effective rabbit hole of swirling objects and beautiful faces all accompanied by some exquisite French singing. Directed by Thomas Blanchard

“Disjointed” season one animation reel- directed by David Hughes

8 Sep

Animated interstitials for the new Netflix sitcom about a cannabis shop.

Animators in order of appearance above:
Gabriel Mangold
Henry Bonsu/Damil Bryant
Anthony Schepperd
Sol Burbridge & Greg Arden of Bent Image
Jonathan Djob Nkondo
Taras Hrabowsky
Masanobu Hiraoka
Jake Fried
Harry Teitelman
Hideki Inaba

Song Artists in order of above:
Flying Lotus
The Meters
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith
Jon Hopkins
Jenny Hval
A. Scriabin

And special thanks to Titmouse and Megan Love for their advise and assistance.

Oneohtrix Point Never – Boring Angel (unofficial video)

6 Sep

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Mythological Manicures

5 Sep

Adult Swim idents from 2013. Directed by Geoffrey Lillemon.

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