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Film School: Crushin

23 Jul

Directed by TACHYONS+

Guided By Voices – Cigarette Tricks

16 Jul

Fan video for one of the greatest short rock songs of all time, by the masters of the brief and befuddling, Guided By Voices. May need to be viewed 20 times in a row for full effect.

Corbu – Prism

22 Nov

Following up from last week’s Corbu video, we have another astronaut adventure to show.

Directed & animated by Daniel Cordero, with Manuel Casares and Antonio Corral
Story by Corbu

Corbu – Battles

15 Nov

Directed and animated by Daniel Cordero
Story by Corbu

From the debut album Crayon Soul, mixed by Dave Fridmann, released on August 5th, 2016. If you are curious about the album and its cinematic manifestation, you can read an interview with the duo.

Husky – Tidal Wave

2 Aug

Directed by Celeste Potter

Mac DeMarco – Blue Boy

20 Jul

From Animation Domination High-Def.

The Helio Sequence – Battle Lines

6 Oct

Video by Emanuele Kabu.

Love as Laughter – Dirty Lives

10 Jun


Chad VanGaalen at his most lovecraftian.

Mother Mother – The Sticks (Official – Animated Video)

3 Jun


Chad VanGaalen’s gross-out style.

Sebadoh: State of Mine

22 Apr


Middle class anxiety with Cyriak-inspired technique.

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