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“Follow the Light” by Death and Vanilla

16 Apr



“Sova” by Anna von Hausswolff

20 Nov


“So Much It Hurts” by Niki & the Dove

28 Feb


“‘Niton (The Reason)” by Eric Prydz

7 Feb

You remember Rez?

“Younger (Kygo remix)” by Seinabo Sey

1 Nov

“Brush the Heat” by Little Dragon

19 Apr


28 Mar

A friend of mine has told me he thinks this first one is a reference to a folk tale that involves a creature luring ordinary people out to the sea, appearing during a festival. He’s also told me that the vocalist’s accent is quite funny to most Swedes.

And this one is just a dream come true after having sat through a considerable number of stuffy church services growing up. Winner of a Grammy.

Thank you, Kyle, for introducing me.

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