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Dungen – Höstens Färger

16 Oct

Molly Nilsson – My Body

7 Jun

Sayonara Wild Hearts

22 Sep

“Marble Machine” by Wintergatan

5 May

“Strangers In The Night” by Principe Valiente

30 Sep

Jacob Frössén’s video for “Strangers in the Night” emphasizes the psychedelic undertones in the aesthetics of Dark Wave.

“Follow the Light” by Death and Vanilla

16 Apr


“Sova” by Anna von Hausswolff

20 Nov


“So Much It Hurts” by Niki & the Dove

28 Feb


“‘Niton (The Reason)” by Eric Prydz

7 Feb

You remember Rez?

“Younger (Kygo remix)” by Seinabo Sey

1 Nov

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