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Purple Boys – Ideal Sleep Solutions and Zonk Strategies

30 Sep

I can’t believe this hasn’t been posted on here before! This originally popped up as a youtube ad while I was watching some adult swim. It has quickly become a favorite and I watch it all the time now.

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Commercials

1 May

Fake Japanese Commercials by Mike Diva

19 Jun

What does Furby have in common with Donald Trump? Both got fake japanese commercials by Mike Dahlquist (Mike Diva).

Trippy Rainbow Unicorn Poop Commercial

27 Dec

See the Light of 7UP

11 Mar

This is another fine psychedelic 7UP commercial, this time from 1974. It reminds me quite a bit the cover of this Mercury Rev record.


Video Game Commercials Pt.2

15 May

Here are three more commercials for video games you might enjoy.

Video Game Commercials Pt.1

8 May

Video Game Commercials seem to be a big juicy invitation to let your imagination go bonkers. Short bursts of associations that are meant to fuel your desire to explore the logics and rules of crazy mushroom kingdoms.

THX Trailer: Amazing Life

31 Oct

This one is a real beauty!

The THX demo trailer needs not a word to promise us “experience of a different kind”. In a way the psychedelic promise was always present in the way new media and new media technology did connect with our daily lives. It expected us to be longing for “new experience”, “new” in a way you could not have had it before. New technology did kind of guarantee you that it wouldn’t be just more of the “same old”. “New ways of seeing”, “new ways of hearing”! once you had to get lost trying to return home to your wife from a defeated troy, had to keep silent while your friends were eaten by a cyclops and stuff like that before you finally saw things with different eyes. But suddenly in the second half of the 20th century all you had to do was “tune in turn on and drop out.” The subject had changed. Experience had changed, indeed.

Everything is alive! all you ever need is different eyes.

Superflat First Love by Takashi Murakami for Louis Vuitton

21 Aug

The lines between psychedelic art and excessive commercial advertising can’t be more  blurred. it seems to be a part of a whole series, and the other videos are not any less pretty and trippy!

"The apocalyptic champ" - Takashi Murakami Detail

Sports Special

9 Aug

This sweet animation was made  to illustrate the remarkable achievement of a no-hitter in a major league game game of Dock Ellis, a player for the Pittsburgh Pirates, while he was on acid back in 1970.

Since steroids are well known as performance enhancers, athletes are scrutinized to prevent their abuse. Psychedelics, on the other hand, seem to be a possible influence on the artist who designed this film for the 2012 London Olympic Games:

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