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Paper Tiger with Shafiq Husayn: Weight In Space

Another one in the genre of “tripping astronauts”.

psychedelic animation, Psychedelic Music Clips

Corbu – Prism

Following up from last week’s Corbu video, we have another astronaut adventure to show.

Directed & animated by Daniel Cordero, with Manuel Casares and Antonio Corral
Story by Corbu

psychedelic animation, Psychedelic Music Clips

Corbu – Battles

Directed and animated by Daniel Cordero
Story by Corbu

From the debut album Crayon Soul, mixed by Dave Fridmann, released on August 5th, 2016. If you are curious about the album and its cinematic manifestation, you can read an interview with the duo.

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Earth – Dream Koala (2015)


Streak past the ISS riding Aurora Australis and re-enter the anthropocene to these excellent Sci-Fi themed space and earth visuals, with some fractal and generative art to sooth us weary travelers from the outer limits.
[Mission Report:] Space-Koalas sighted near Hibernia-Major…