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Man Of No Ego – Web Of Life Full Album ft. Alan Watts

16 Mar

Form Vs. Content

23 Sep

On this site we explore the aesthetics of psychedlic, trying to answer the question “what is psychedelic aesthetic?” Recently while i was looking at some videos that I intend to publish on the DPV i realized that we might be doing something wrong.  WE gave in to the seperation between form and content which is the exact opposite message from the psychedelic message. Psychedelics liquefy the boundaries between form and content. During the psychedlic experience what you see is often how and what you feel. Abstract figures turn into emotions and thought. In a way the psychedelic experience is one of the greatest supports to the thought that the medium is the message.

This video of Allan Watts might not be considered psychedlic visualy by some, but my opinionis is that  it’s  visual part is just as psychedelic as the content part. In fact it’s hard for me to seperate the content from the form on this one. The way the nature is filmed, the way that Watts himself is filmed has a psychedelic notion to it. Many times we tend to define fluorescent colors and fractalic shapes  as the essence of the psychedelic visualisation, but by that we dismiss the psychedlic visualisation of harmonic nature. Nature that seems to sing in harmony, every leaf in place, every ant in a harmonic order. I think this video captures this side of the psychedelic aesthetics, not only in content but also in form.

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