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Off the Air: Touch (S11E03)

7 Feb

Aired in 2021.

List of videos in this episode:

Heart to Mouth by Bart Heiss
Quentin’s Secret Pelican Button by Sean Reynard
The Galactic Trial by Joel Haver
Absence by Alex Goddard
Manipulation 6 by Baron Lanteigne
Kaduna by Jacob Jonas The Company & Critics Company
“Color Me” music video by Martin de Thurah
Contour by Wow Inc.

This episode was guest curated and produced by Alan Steadman.

OMODAKA: Plum song

11 Jul

Teppei Maki created this festival of erotic allusions.

Zebbler Encanti Experience: Neuron Dialect

26 Jul

Zebbler, the creator of Shpongletron, presents here a very erotic deep dream.

Sexy StrataCut

5 Feb

The clay animation technique used in this video was featured on DPV with the works of David Daniels.

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