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Androcell – Root of Pharmacology

8 Apr

Mushroom visualization

Chinese Man presents : Matteo – Zolfo

23 Jul

Edamame – Tree Shadows (Official Music Video)

15 Jan

A surreal combination of chill glitch 3D art and nature shots set to the beautiful sounds of Edamame

SEASONS – in a Small World

25 Sep

Very smooth and pleasing macro shots mixed with the four seasons

Random Rab – A Little More Free

19 Jul

Very chill new music and video from an awesome producer

Cuthead – Vibratin’

12 Jul

Really nice editing with a great track and sample

LORN – All Corrupt Everything

21 Jun

Creepily beautiful Lorn music synced with this amazing sea creature video called “Slow Life” by “BoiQuest Studios”

Natural History Redux (Coral Morphologic)

24 Dec

beauty between the natural and the digital

12 Dec

These works by Shawn Knol are constantly transgressing the border between pure natural marvel and digital access until something silently emerges that can not be reduced to neither naturalism nor digitalism.

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