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Sacred Geometry by Darklight Studio and Tklab (Telenoika)

17 Mar

Created by VJ Eletroiman, Omar Prole, Homem Gaiola and submitted to Immersphere Fulldome Festival 2017 in Brazil.

“Não Espero Mais” by O Terno

29 Oct

It takes a while until the video for O Terno’s “Não Espero Mais” reveals its psychedelic nature. But when it does, it demonstrates how trippy our daily use of modern communication media has become.


20 Dec


Oh Xuxa. Brazilian kids TV show Xuxa was a staple of Spanish language television in the late eighties and early nineties. Every week, she would wow her audience with bright, fun and groovy sets, including a hot pink lip adorned space ship. Her shows took place in front of a live audience of happily smiling children with Xuxa clad in her signature outfit of hot pants, thigh high boots and shoulder-padded jacket dancing, singing and spreading the word of love and acceptance. There was always a game portion with Chicos vs Las Chicas competing by doing activities like straddling a big greased cylinder and pushing themselves along racing to the finish line. I never saw a show where Xuxa wasn’t moved to tears at some point by a heartwarming story. Oh, and the paquitas-her cheerleader dance team who made their own claim to fame. Unfortunately, the early 90’s american version lost a lot of the wow factor. It’s difficult to find clips of the Brazilian one, but here a few goodies.

Xuxa World Cup Special 1990- Xuxa once dated Braziian soccer star Pele; this clip has the cool spaceship at the beginning


Xuxa sings her hit song “llarie”- bad video copy, but the energy is palpable


Las Paquitas de XUXA- ahhh…the Paquitas!

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