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Dum Maro Dum ~ Hare Krishna Hare Ram 1971 old

24 Jul

Some groovy 1970sIndian psychedelia with a Hare Krishna vibe.


27 Feb

Synesthetic operation between Indian classical music grammar and cinematic space-time. Super 8 film by Claudio Caldini. 1981 remake of 1976 original.
Music: Raga Sindhi Bhairavi: Sergio Bulgakov, sitar / Ricardo Hambra, Tabla / Claudio Caldini, tambura. Recorded live at the Centro Cultural Ciudad de Buenos Aires, 1986.

TRANCE | Title Track Music by Vinayakan TK | Fahadh Faasil | Anwar Rasheed | Official

5 Nov


5 May

A psytrance trip through India

“Ikam Ardas Wahe Guru” – White Sun

2 Jul

Grammy winning psychedelic Sikh new age music to relax on sunday evening!

Divine Fate – Ishu Patel (1993)

2 Nov

A psychedelic rendition of the story of the Garden of Eden, by the awesome Indian-Canadian animator Ishu Patel. If you liked this, check out our past posts about Patel’s videos here  and here.


Afterlife – Ishu Patel (1978)

17 Aug

Indian-Canadian animator Ishu Patel in a 1978 movie about the after life.

Tribute to Dj Cheb I Sabbah Psychedelic Masala

25 Aug


A psychedelic ghost dance by Satyajit Rays Goopy Gyne Bagha (1968)

2 Dec

Some psychedelic visions from 1960’s India.

Sita Sings the Blues – The Ramayana gone psychedelic

25 Feb

Sita Sings the Blues is a 2008 animated rendition of the great Indian epic The Ramayana, written, directed, produced and animated by American artist Nina Paley.

Hinduism has always had a distinct psychedelic style, but The opening sequence, which is like an animated introduction to Hindu mythology, definitely brings Hinduism even closer to it’s psychedelic days of Soma.

This second clip, from the middle of the film, also has a nice psychedelic touch.

If you liked this, you can watch the full movie (in better quality) here on YouTube.

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