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The Chemical Brothers – The Darkness That You Fear

23 Dec

Mad love in this one ‚̧

The Chemical Brothers – Got To Keep On

2 Mar

The Chemical Brothers – Got To Keep On

The Chemical Brothers // Escape Velocity !

22 Oct

A serious psychedelic smash !

Please enjoy this piece !

And for those who want more :


Special Thanks to my friend Jo – FB: Biosphos Metis – for having shared this video !

The Chemical Brothers – The Test

20 Aug

Can you pass the acid test?

(Link: Asaf Be’er. Thanks!)

Chemical Brothers – Under the Influence

19 Jul

An amateur rendering of the Chemical Brothers’ “Under the Influence”. I love the way it makes every day life scenes seem highly psychedelic.

Chemical Brothers – Let Forever Be

6 Jul

An amazing kaleidoscopic music clip by the Chemical Brothers. Jumping between dimensions and different perceptions of space and possibilities is what is.

(Link: Matan Lipman. Thanks!)

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