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Off the Air: Progress (S10E03)

7 Dec

Aired in 2020.

List of videos in this episode:

Just Setting Off by Alfie Kungu
Harvest Bounty by Sam Lyon
Future Beach by Nadia Lee Cohen
Positive Mental Attitude by James Papper
Bunny World by Victoria Vincent
ungabarn by Rosco 5
whoisyoulmao by James Papper
I Want To Be The Ocean by Raman Djafari
gloogigigation by Renee Zhan
USB Dog by Sam Campbell & Joe Pelling
The Breakup by James Papper
The Community That Sings Together by Jonathan Zwanda
Cyber Commune by Harriet Davey
Coexist by Michael Marczewski
Teeter by Jordan Brookes & Ewan Jones Morris
Lockdown Proposal Goes Horribly Wrong (credited as Rube Goldberg Machine) by Demi Lardner & Tom Walker

This episode was guest curated and produced by Blink Industries.

Carl Sagan on Extraterrestrials

26 Jun

An audio recording of Carl Sagan on the topic of extraterrestrials turned into a beautifully vivd animation.

Based on the youtube channel “Blank on Blank” which turns audio recordings of famous figures into psychedelic animations in order to help expand and get the overall message and/or wisdom of the topic across with better success.

ANIMAL COLLECTIVE – “Lion in a Coma”

3 Jul

Ori Toor had just finished Shenkar A of Design, and this is his final project. Shenkar’s annual exhibition will open on 15/7/2010.

This is gorgeous, Ori! Good luck in real life, and may you bring color and psychedelic goodness to all your future projects!

(Thanks Matan, for the link!)

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