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Transylvania Calling

19 May

If I wasn’t going to India (yeaa!) this summer I would definetely be in Transylvania

Something beautiful is hapenning in Russia

23 Dec

Another video of the trance tribe. This time from the 2008 total eclipse festival in the mountains of Russia. It’s all about being out there together brothers and sisters sharing ideas, love, and nature.

It’s all about experiencing a communal moment out of time:

Gathering of the tribe

16 Sep

My first experience with psychedelic consciousness was through psychedelic trance gatherings. It’s been many years since that moment and I had my ups and downs with the psychedlic trance scene, but all in all I still feel a part of this secret tribe. This tribe is diverse, it exists everywhere and at all times. Every summer when the festival seasone peaks the tribe is gathering. People come from all over the world to share this one consciousness this one love.

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