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Scatmans World (Official Video) HD -Scatman John

4 Dec

Mike Luck – Cityscape

28 Feb
WannaPlayDaily.com had these words from director Maxmana: “For this Music Video for Mike Luck I wanted to create a video game like drive journey through the desert landscape at 6 O’Clock in the morning. It was made ​​to be projected or spanned over three screens. so if you happen to own a triple-head to go and have 3 screens attached, give it a wirl would you?”
I think he very much succeeded. I encourage you to watch it in full screen and crank the speakers up just a touch.

Tekniset Pajupili

3 Apr

Ok This Trance video is on the weird side of psy videos… hope you like it:

Lost at the Lost Theory Festival

15 Aug

When this post will be published I will be in the Lost Festival with two other members of this site!

This video starts off with a couple of people that have a hard time leaving the festival ground last year and than shows a bit of the madness that went down. I Hope it’s as good in 2013 as well 🙂


If I have a wish for this festival it’s that Simon Posford will give a surprise set 🙂

Ozora 2012

19 Sep

Boaz and I were @ Ozora Festival this summer, 5 days of  pure psychedelic experiments !
When you take time to get to the main floor by a sunny afternoon, it’s like opening the doors of a parallel world…

Here is a 25 minutes sample of what you might experience on the main floor !
take a sight inside …

Hakan Hisim’s Videos

27 Aug

Hakan Hisim’s does psychedelic music videos to trance music. Some of his stuff is splendidly psychedelicious, and his YouTube channel is definitely worth checking. Here are a few of his videos:


Summer is here! OZORA interviews

5 Jul

This video is a collection of interviews with psychedelic trance artists during the 2011 OZORA Festival.

Summer is here and festival season is on.

This Year we two (maybe three) of the editors of the DPV will be hitting the OZORA, see you on the dance floor!

Ital- Caburga- Imix Jaguar

15 Sep

Another great work by Imix Jaguar who mixes visuals with trance music to create a spiritual journey.

Blue Lunar Monkey (Imix Jaguar)

28 Jul

A few weeks ago I came across the visual work of Imix Jaguar. He creates beautiful mystical visuals with a lot of Mayan signs in them. I’m sure I’ll feature more videos by him in the future.



Liberation Animatrix

30 Dec

Since tomorrow is already new year’s eve, I will use this oportunity to wish a happy new year to all our psychedelic readers around the world. May you have a great psychedelic year!

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