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Morphing | Off The Air | Fanmade

11 Sep

One of the better fanmade Off The Air videos i’ve seen!

△▽ by Conner Griffith

3 Jan

Nice experiment on how psychedelic a simple corridor can be morphed into.

Escher in Motion by Glenn Marshall

30 Aug

Music is Diva by Jean Michel Jarre (featuring Laurie Anderson).


22 Jun

Beautiful face-tripping by Anne Zwiener.

Vagabond Mutant Liquid

9 Feb

Tobias Stretch tripping us out with his amazing puppets. Tobias’s work was last featured here on May 2015: Ocean = Amazing by Dirt Bikes.

Le Paysagiste / Mindscape (1976)

16 Apr

Pinscreen animation by Jacques Drouin.

One Big Morphing Orgasm

6 Dec

Neil Sanders organized this morphing animation collaboration with pictures from 47 different people and in-betweening work by 10 of them.
The Newgrounds.com submission shows all the parties involved.

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