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Freqs of Nature 2014 – Terrain Exploration

30 Mar

Unofficial aftermovie. Trippy enough to get you hyped for the festival season!

Fractilian NYE 2014 aftermovie

29 Mar

I looked at various party aftermovies and decided this one is worthy of a DPV post.

Chai, Charas & Changa

15 Mar

Written and directed by Giorgia Gaia. She also has a freely available paper on the subject.

The video explores the experience of psychedelic gnosis as it occurs in participants during psychedelic trance festivals, focusing on particular techniques involved in this process. Psychedelic gnosis is the practice of self-discovery and re-connection with a cosmic consciousness facilitated by the use of a wide range of psychedelic techniques and practices, including but not limited to psychoactive compounds, that facilitate ‘mind manifesting’. The video outlines what chai, charas and changa are, their historical origin and their symbolic and practical function in relation to the psychedelic gnosis process as experienced by participants during psytrance festivals. It includes first-hand observations, videos and quotes from the interviews conducted with participants and with Julian Palmer, the man who claims to have invented Changa.

Fogscreen visuals for Goa Gil’s gig in Slovakia (2008)

18 Aug

Visuals by Quix.

Lost at the Lost Theory Festival

15 Aug

When this post will be published I will be in the Lost Festival with two other members of this site!

This video starts off with a couple of people that have a hard time leaving the festival ground last year and than shows a bit of the madness that went down. I Hope it’s as good in 2013 as well 🙂


If I have a wish for this festival it’s that Simon Posford will give a surprise set 🙂

Tekniset: Metsänhaltija

19 Jun

Handsome Finnish dudes and elves freaking around in this psytrancerock music video.
Song taken from the album Teknical Problems (2011)

The best zoo in the world

29 Sep

I don’t go to zoos. A zoo is a sad place invented by animals that have lost contact with their animalistic parts. You have to loose contact with your animalistic part in order to think of such a twisted concept as a zoo. But this video is from one of the most beautiful zoos in the world. I love being a part of a zoo, all I need is some music to go bananas to.

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