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uvAntam aka Ubar Tmar

6 Sep

Japanese uvAntam is known not only for his crazy brand of psytrance, but also his love for sacred geometry and mathematics, which the above visual pieces illustrate perfectly. Consider for example his 2002 album Macrometasomakosmos:

The arrangement/rhythm of musical elements on this CD is based on Penrose tiles (aperiodic tiling). It is broken into tracks all either 34 or 55 seconds long, for a total of 89 tracks (that is, 55 tracks plus 34 tracks), in accordance with the Golden Mean.

34, 55, 89 are successive terms in the Fibonacci Series – a sequence of numbers in which each term is the sum of the two previous terms. As the terms grow larger and larger the ratio of a term and its immediate predecessor approaches the Golden Mean, which is (1+√5)/2 or approximately 1.618.

(reference: Discogs.com)

unAntam’s Youtube channel

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