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Muladhara by Polarian Productions

28 Jan

Real-time Graphics by Polarian Productions
Music: Muladhara by Amunraja

MIMPI v2 – 2015

5 Dec


MIMPI = Mobile Interactive Multi-Parametric Image, from duo STAIN.
Abstract generative installation with multi-user interaction via a smartphone and realtime synthesized sound.

The psychedelic computer demos collection

23 Apr

For its 3rd birthday the DPV is featuring a series of psychedelic videos specials which will run between the 22 and the 28 of April 2013. Stay tuned for more of our psychedelic specials.

Back in the early 1980s software pirate groups started to incorporate audiovisual introductions into their cracked releases. The intros evolved into a form of art, combining code wizardry with music and graphics. With the forming of groups and organizing of competitions, the demoscene was born.

Coders today can either use powerful modern hardware and GPU effects or milk vintage hardware for all its worth.

There has been a strong current of psychedelic visionary demos in the scene throughout its history. The following videos provide a glimpse into this pulsating stream of imagination.

Spaceballs: State of the Art (1992)

flo: f.22 (2013)

Farbrausch: rove (fr-043) (2010)

Akronyme Analogiker: Hartverdrahtet (2012)

ASD: Electric Bullet (2010)

United Force & Digital Dynamite: The golden path (2009)

Farbrausch: palindromeda suger (fr-minus-012) (2001)

Farbrausch: theta (fr038) (2004)

Farbrausch & Neuro: Masagin (2008)

TBC: Traceless (2012)

MFX: Deities (2006)

Synesthetics: Lucy in the Sky with Deities (remix of MFX’s deities) (2007)

Dual Crew & Shining – 2cb (a.k.a. 4 – bromo – 2,5 – dimethoxyphenethylamine) (1998)

Soviet countries had their own scene starting in the late 1980s Poland and Czechoslovakia. The ZX Spectrum clone Pentagon was a popular platform. Here are some examples from the 2000s:

The Path by Cyberpunks Unity & Inward (Rus), 2004.

Mescaline Synesthesia by deMarche (Rus), 2009.

Your song is quiet, part 2 by elfh/inward (Rus) ps/tpolm (Pt) delilah/skim (Ita), 2007.

Farbrausch – rove (fr-043)

27 Nov

DPV loves a nice Farbrausch production. If your graphics card is able to handle it, go ahead and run the demo yourself.

Hartverdrahtet by Akronyme Analogiker

21 Aug

1st place at Revision 2012 4k compo.

Easter Eggs

1 May

We forgot to have a psychedelic Easter celebration! All hail the Mother Goddess Ishtar!

The golden path by United Force & Digital Dynamite

27 Dec

3rd place in pc demo compo at Assembly 2009

Farbrausch: fr-minus-012: palindromeda suger

22 Jul

Epilepsy warning! Although I don’t know why anyone with epilepsy would want to read this blog. Technically, there is nothing wrong with the soundtrack, but I’m not sure about the composer’s mind.

Farbrausch’s “fr038: theta”

26 Apr

Another mind-blower from the German demofreaks. If you want to run it real-time on your computer, you can download the demo from the Farbrausch site.

Farbrausch & Neuro – Masagin (2008)

26 Oct

A little demoscene delight for you, by German groups Farbrausch and Neuro. In glorious HD.
Full info on pouet.net.

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