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Meier & Erdmann: Howler Monkey

Video by Victor Doval.

3D Psychedelia, Psychedelic Art, Psychedelic Visuals

MIMPI v2 – 2015


MIMPI = Mobile Interactive Multi-Parametric Image, from duo STAIN.
Abstract generative installation with multi-user interaction via a smartphone and realtime synthesized sound.

psychedelic animation, Psychedelic Art, Psychedelic Video Art, Psychedelic Visuals

Spring Eternal (2015)


Enchanting new video feedback work from artist Jay Bundy Johnson. The level of manual control on a tube camera to craft the generative iterations is quite remarkable here, so enjoy this bright psychedelic sun-circle!

Psychedelic After Effects, psychedelic animation, psychedelic experience, Psychedelic Video Art, Psychedelic Visuals



This Dome A/V Performance will melt your eyes, you must watch in HD.
A continuously transforming, complex morphological and geometrical representation of the information contained in natural images. From the animation talent at Ouchhh Motion Lab, the forms were inspired by the diversity of New Mexico’s landscapes, though it certainly looks like an alien abduction into generative hyperspace took place on a distant plateau.