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Shpongle – Tickling the Amygdala [Music Video]

11 May


Shpongle live with Alex and Allyson Grey

26 Sep

The interesting part for me was the first bit where Simon Posford describes his DMT experience!

Raja Ram

23 Feb

When I’ll grow up I want to be Raja Ram. check out all the psychedelic shit he has in his apartment.

Are you shpongled?

30 Jun

As we go deeper and deeper into the third milennia we see a rapid growth in a holistic aproach towards concerts and raves. If you have missed the video of the new Amon Tobin show that was featured on this site before, do check it out —>

I cannot wait to see what will happen next in this field… we will enter raves and shows where the air will be literally thick, we will smell the music, taste it, be it. The future is here, enjoy it.

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