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Trampsta – Chunky (Old Dancing Movies Video)

24 Dec

Retro dancing with some fresh psytrance

ARISE Online presenting Random Rab by ARISE Music Festival

25 Jun

Streamed performance by Random Rab featuring live visuals, painters, and dancers!

Whisper by Ro Maiti

18 Feb

A whisper of the wind carries with it the unsolvable mystery of spirit that exists in the natural world. As forest nymphs swarm the screen, we follow my main character in this piece and we learn of the restricting obligations in our urban world that cause us to- time and again, fall back to obsessive traits like logic and rationale, which are diseased with ego. We are left as beings who are unable to comprehend or value the beauty and enigmas that nature provides to us.

Zebbler Encanti Experience: Get Psychic

20 Sep

Girls just wanna have wholesome psychedelic fun!

Zebbler Encanti Experience: Manifest That Shit

13 Sep

A ritual dance manifesting the psychedelic feminine.

Ian Emes – French Windows (1971)

1 Jan

Song: Pink Floyd – One Of These Days.

British animator Ian Emes made this as a personal project. Pink Floyd later commissioned performance projections from him.

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