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The Vein / Magma [by Dvein]

12 Sep


6 Mar

Warli Walking Picture

4 Jul

Warli Walking Picture – tribal artists document their village life in an animated film by Gul Ramani

Village life of Warli tribe is documented in this film. All the drawings were done by the indegenous artists. Directed and animated by Gul Ramani, The artists participating in this workshop film were Shantaram Dhadpe, Vajya, Kamalakar Dhadpe, Ganpat Kanhat, Kishan Dhadpe, Arjun and the villagers of Nalshet and Shilshet, Dhanu district, Maharashtra, India

Velveeta Heartbreak – psychedelic abstract brut fantasy

11 Jun

Velveeta Heartbreak creates cool psychedelic art. This video shows some of his work 2003-2011.

Pipilotti Rist at Venice Biennale 2011

10 Jun

Work by Swiss visual artist Pipilotti Rist at Venice Biennale 2011.

High Society Exhibition

14 Feb

The Wellcome Collection is currently holding an exhibition on mind altering drugs in history and culture. The exhibition has been showing since November and will be on until the 27th of February. If we were in London, we would definitely check it out!

(Link: Moris. Thanks!)

Jimmy Joe Roche

24 Oct

A few recent works revisiting psychedelic tropes by visual artist Jimmy Joe Roche.

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