Archive | July, 2016

Entropia – Mandala

23 Jul

Classixx-Grecian Summer music video directed by Steve Smith

22 Jul

Klyne “Lend me another name” (Director’s Cut)

22 Jul


By: Alan Masferrer

Mac DeMarco – Blue Boy

20 Jul

From Animation Domination High-Def.

Dr. Devious and the Wisemen – More Dance In Cyberspace (1992)

19 Jul

The second release in the series of Guru Josh’s cyberdelic VHSes.

“Eh” by Death Grips

17 Jul

Enuma Elish – Stav

16 Jul

Brilliantly weird video by Stav who took the inspiration from the Genesis myth, tribalism, toys and deep see creatures – mixing it all together in a beautiful far-out way. Soundtrack by Yuka + Eyal Talmudi + Rejoicer.

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